Cherry Blossom and a Quick Passing Train

Cherry Blossom and a Quick Passing Train


5 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom and a Quick Passing Train

  1. hello Sean, thanks for liking my posts, just to make something clear i am not a photographer and these photos aren’t mine, i am searching for magnificent photos from japan and i share them with you through my photolog, if there were mine i would have added a copyright text on them, i’m in deeply love with and i love experimenting it, so i choose a theme, you can tell it an idea, for starting a photolog like this, i wanna thank you all for your support and for liking my posts, i’m searching for more interesting photos of japan so more interesting posts are coming! 😀

    • i will add an about page 😀
      but just to make something clear, i just collect from internet the most interesting photos of japan, i dont use them for personal profit but i use them jst to “dress” my photolog’s main idea, japanese nature and everything around japan, i have already started other photologs with different themes like tekken 5 characters etc, but it is just to learn and explore truly deeply down to its core, more detailson the upcoming about page 😀

      • Thanks for collecting all these wonderful photos and sharing them on WordPress. These photos are really a feast for the eye. Makes me want to visit Japan!

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