Bird on a Cherry Blossom

Bird on a Cherry Blossom


5 thoughts on “Bird on a Cherry Blossom

    • thanks for your comment, if you want to see another great photo, see the Gentle Pink photo, “Gentle Pink” is the title, i’ll be waiting for more comments of you 😀

  1. I love your blog… but I’m a little overwhelmed by the amount of posts and I don’t feel as if I get a chance to look at all of your lovely photographs… perhaps you (and this is just a suggestion… feel free to ignore… but I wish someone had suggested this to me a long time ago because I used to post way too many photographs) could group all the similar ones together in one post per day. Like group all the cherry blossoms into one post and have like ten photographs per post… this helped me edit… I used to post everything until I realized i should only be focusing on my best shots… that way, I will actually receive more comments since my posts have more of a focus. Nice work though… I thoroughly enjoy viewing your blog… don’t mind my suggestion if you feel differently… everyone has opinions and your blog IS gorgeous!

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