Garden Staircase

Garden Staircase


178 thoughts on “Garden Staircase

    • Thank you for your comment, well it was a big surprise for me too! it’s the first time that my photolog is freshly pressed! 1 big and enormous Thank You to all of you 😀

      Have you seen my new posts?

  1. Beautiful image! We are planning a trip to Kyoto this fall. Would look forward to the breath-taking colors.

    Any tips in how to avoid the crowd? How did you get such a secluded view when most temples are probably crammed with visitors? Any info would be appreciated!

  2. Quite impressive! I think this photo really captures the scene of Japanesew culture. This is really stupendous. Amazing scene, thank you for posting, I really enjoyed the scenery.

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  5. Oh dear… this is the place I could “wrap myself into” and wouldn’t care if I die on that day :). Seems SO gorgeous, peaceful and calm.

  6. Japan is impressive! They know just how to use the space to make you feel like you’re in heaven. Beautiful picture. Congratulations!

  7. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, ever since I was little. I don’t know what my fascination is with it, but this picture really hits home. It’s so beautiful, especially because it’s fall, and the colors just stand out. It’s amazing, and I really like the angle too, where you take it all in, not just one element. Very inspiring.

  8. It’s these photos that really pull me in. A tranquil setting along with vibrant colors, really can provide a peace of mind. Even if the silence is only momentarily, that’s all anyone needs these days….a break from the ordinary.

  9. This photograph, with its abundance of crimson hues, bleeds passion. Vibrance brings the scenery to life, giving even the leaves on the cobblestone steps a lifelike feel. The vividness of the red in this photo is overwhelmingly beautiful – beauty at its best!

  10. My son lived in Japan for two years when he was in the Marines. He used to send me pictures and souvenirs all the time. He just loved living there and found the people to be fantastic. You have a great photographers eye.

  11. Naturally absolutely beautiful. I love the different shades of red, greens, and yellows. I like how in certain spots, the yellow fades into red, and in others, it fades into green.
    I can find a story in this picture. The trees and bushes away from the house seem fuller; the ones closer to the house are starting to lose their leaves. And, the pile of leaves on the ground is on the stairs furthest away from the house. It can tell a story of how humans are destroying nature by taking the land away from it, and controlling nature’s land.

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